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Learning YMCA (LMS) FAQs
Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

1. I completed my course and cannot print / view my certificate. What do I do?

Answer: Ensure you have completed all the course modules. Refresh your screen and log out of the LMS and log back in. Go back to the course folder (under "My Courses") to print your certificate. If you still can't view or print your certificate, and if you are using Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge as your web browser please switch to Google Chrome or Safari.

2. How do I enroll in a Learning YMCA (LMS) online training course?

Answer: To participate in YMCA's national leadership development and program trainings online you need to register for a Learning YMCA (LMS) account. Your YMCA supervisor or Association HR can provide details. If you have a registration code, you may register now.

3. I need to register for an account. Where can I find my "Registration Code"?

Answer: To register for a Learning YMCA (LMS) account and enroll in courses you will need a YMCA Registration Code. You may obtain your Registration Code from your YMCA supervisor or Association HR. Add your Registration Code to the "YMCA Registration Code" field when setting up a new Learning YMCA (LMS) account.

4. I forgot my LMS password. How do I recover my password?

Answer: Learning YMCA (LMS) has an automatic password recovery process. If you are a Registered User, click on "Reset Password” on the login page. Enter the email address you originally registered with and a notification will be sent to that email address with a password reset link. Click on the link in the email and you will be taken to a page where you can then create a new password. If you don't get a notification, check your spam folder, and contact us.

5. I forgot my password and clicked on "reset password". I provided my username but did not get a reply email from the LMS. What do I do?

Answer: Check your spam folder. Contact us to make sure your email address is listed correctly in your Learning YMCA (LMS) account profile.

6. I'm unable to login. The LMS is not accepting my username. What do I do?

Answer: Check for blank spaces left after your username or email on the login page. This may happen when you copy and paste your username or password. Blank spaces count as a character. Also, contact us to ensure your email address is listed correctly in your LMS account profile.

7. I purchased a course through the YMCA Canada Store. It doesn’t show up under “My Courses”. What do I do?

Answer: There may be a delay. The course is delivered to your "My Courses" page and may take up to 60 minutes. Refresh your browser. If the course is still not available contact us at: learningymca@ymca.ca

YMCA Canada LMS Registration Information Reminder
YMCA Staff and Volunteers need to register for a YMCA LMS account.
  • A valid email is required to set up an LMS account and take courses. Learners must have access to their email address to receive emails from the LMS to be able to receive information about how to verify their account or reset a password for example.
  • Once a learner registers they will receive a verification email from the LMS. The learner needs to click on the link in the email to verify their account. The link in the registration email is only valid for 12 hours.
  • Only registered and verified LMS Users can access the courses and print certificates in the LMS.
What Email to Use
  • When registering, we prefer staff to use their YMCA email address when they have one.  Learners should be informed not to make up a fake YMCA email address. Only when they do not have a working and accessible YMCA email address can they use a personal working email address.
Registration Code
  • Learners need their YMCA Association code to register for the LMS. Their registration will not work if they don’t enter their code in the code field on the registration form. 
  • We ask Learners to obtain their registration code from their Supervisor or their YMCA Association HR Lead.
Forgetting Passwords
  • If a Learner forgets their password they can click on ‘Reset Password’ on the LMS login screen.
  • They will receive an email from the LMS with a password reset link. This link is only valid for 12 hours. If they do not see the email please have them check their spam mail before contacting the Learning YMCA (LMS) support team at: learningymca@ymca.ca